Tapas Bar

Open for Lunch and Dinner – Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Fully stocked Bar with Icey Cold Drinks, Delicious Tapas Plates and several seating options… Choose a table or the lounge on the deck, or perhaps a lounge under the trees, and for sunset grab a possi on the rock and watch the sun sizzle into the Pacific.

Sunday is Pizza Day (wood Fired Pizza Oven), a great way to chill out as the weekend winds up!

There are many stories about the origins of Tapas food… my favourite is that the Spanish publicans would give the patrons a small plate to place on top of their glass of wine to stop bugs from getting into their drink.

They would serve small very salty food on these plates. The patrons would eat the food and need more drinks to quench their new thirst (created by the salty food) Cheeky buggers!

Now Tapas generally refers to small plates of food, to be shared and enjoyed amongst friends with drinks… and you get to taste a few different things instead of having one big meal.